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Leslie Carlson is the author of Kinship with Horses, and a trail rider in Vermont who has been riding trails for 50+ years. Frustrated with not being able to find riding jeans that were comfortable on long rides, she worked on developing her line of trail riding jeans for three years before launching it in 2010.


Leslie Carlson was a Welsh Cob breeder for many years on her Vermont horse farm. Leslie still has two Welsh Cob mares.

In 2012 Leslie's company Cobble Hill Equine Products launched a second line of products designed specifically for trail riders. See our sister website

Cobble Hill Equine Products also carrys Scoot Boots, a new hoof boot  from Australia. To visit our sister site for Scootboots go to


About Kinship with Horses and The Horse Wisdom Cards

Leslie Carlson shares her nearly fifty years of enjoyment and fulfillment in learning from horses. Each of the twenty-two chapters reveals a lesson that occurs in the human/horse relationship when we respect what each horse has to teach us. The author brings a new understanding of how our thoughts and attitudes either create harmony with the horse, or difficulties. The stories about each horse are fun to read, perceptive, and touching. Many of them are about Welsh Cob horses.

The Horse Wisdom Divination Deck is a 52 card deck featuring the horse wisdom gleaned from 50+ years of interacting with horses on a daily basis. 

To order either the Kinship with Horses book or Horse Wisdom Cards from, please click on the links below the images on the left:

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