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Why Our Jeans are Better...


Quality - Durability - Comfort - Style


1. No Inseam. Our jeans are designed with no seam on your inside leg. This eliminates chaffing on long rides.



2. Leg Stirrups. Our jeans have a stirrup built into the inside of the lower legs that keeps the legs of your jeans from riding up.



3. Our Fabrics. 

  • Suede... We use a synthetic suede that is the highest quality available. The material is not woven with a cheap cloth backing like inexpensive synthetic suedes. The fabric is made of millions of fibers that are pressed together making the heavy duty fabric soft, stretchy, breathable and waterproof. 



  • Denim... Our denim is manufactured to our specifications just for us. It is the optimal weight for not being too hot, yet being rugged so it won't rip. Our denim has 4 way stretch for comfort.



  • Thread... Our thread is marine quality, it can take years of rubbing in the saddle without fraying. It holds up to years of horse sweat and washing.



4. Our Designs. 

A lot of thought as well as years of test rides went into our designs. For example, even a little thing such as the placement of the cell phone pocket and whether to use a snap or a button to close was decided by many test rides by a trail rider that didn't want to drop her phone after taking a picture, but wanted it to slide easily back into the pocket and for the rider to be able to close the pocket quickly and securely with one hand.

T R A I L  R I D E R S  J E A N S

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